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Dear Abbey,
I love you more than words can express. You’re my best friend & girlfriend all rolled up in one. And I’m so in love with you. Please, never go anywhere.
With all my love,
Your girlfriend.

I don’t want a job right now. Much less have to pick my career at this point in my life. So what is me being in college going to ensure? Other than bills I can’t pay with my lack of a job and that I don’t go full-on retard (maybe) in my next year of figuring out what my life really means. So can we stop pushing school on me? Help me learn, buy me books, get me interested in things. But right now, I have no want-to to do anything really. I’m silently crying for help by also trying to enjoy my life while I finally feel free-ish. But if you’re not offering help, just let me be. I think I’m happy right now. Let me be.






dinners ready

( ._.)./ an explanation: 

The dog has an issue where his esophagus doesn’t work right; it doesn’t get food in there right because it’s all stretched out and stuff. So what dog owners (and cat owners and I guarantee you the cat ones look goofier) do is make a highchair and feed them upright so gravity can be a hero. It’s also really cute. 

The disorder is called Megaesophagus. 

Cat with Megaesophagus

Here is a cat with the same disorder in his eatin’ sock. 



He looks so excited to be in his eating sock!

(Source: bi-polar-oid)

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